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Batch Testing

Large scale website analysis

Cost effective analysis of thousands (or even millions) of websites in one go.

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Fast, cost effective bulk testing

Our batch testing service can analyse millions of websites in one go. The depth of the analysis is intentionally limited to provide a fast and cost-effective digital marketing overview that’s ideal for segmentation and benchmarking.

spreadsheet comparing two websites


Make sure your sales teams are only working on their best opportunities. Silktide batch test data allows you to segment and prioritize your lead base based on key factors relating to SEO, SEM, accessibility and more.

Segmentation chart

Run successful drip campaigns

Boost open and response rates with personalized messaging in fully automated drip campaigns. Stop sending generic spam and instead send insightful emails which highlight the real issues with each customer’s website.

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Create valuable benchmarks

Do your websites have fewer broken links than your competitors? Do plumbers have faster websites than builders? Answer questions like these with Silktide batch test data. Benchmarks make highly effective marketing collateral and are a valuable asset for sales teams.

Analytic data

Enrich your data in 3 simple steps

Securely upload your source data, and we handle the rest. Your data is delivered back to you, enriched with over 100 data points relating to the digital media performance of each business.

steps to the process, 1 - upload your data, 2 - we analyze, 3 - results returned