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Hosting providers and domain registrars

Web hosts and domain registrars use Silktide Prospect to gain insight into their existing customers and boost sales of high margin products.

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The Challenge

Domain and hosting providers are increasingly looking to broaden their product offering in order to differentiate and grow revenue.

There is a huge opportunity in up-selling high margin products to customers that start out with a low value self-serve purchase (e.g. domain, email or hosting).

It’s important to equip your team with the right tools to engage customers and identify the best solution.

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What can Silktide do for you?

Silktide supports the sale of services such as DIY and DIFM websites, Local Presence, SEO, search engine advertising and more.

  • Ensure your sales teams focus their time on the right opportunities by profiling prospective customer data based on Silktide insight.
  • Streamline your sales process into one, simple scan tool that sales reps love.
  • Position your organization as a technical leader by providing best-practice insight at each step in the sales journey.
  • Prove the value you’ve created for each customer post-sale and create new up-sell opportunities.
  • Build Silktide insight into your customer dashboard and create a self-service upsell journey.
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“Without doubt, this is one of the most important sales tools in our sales reps’ hands. By using Prospect, sales reps have the confidence that they can convert a business lead into a paying customer more easily”

Christian Descher

– Christian Descher – Head of Product Management

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