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Lead Generation

Boost your marketing efforts

Collect a stream of qualified leads, ready to buy your services by offering your audience a free website scan.

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Offer your prospects a free website report in exchange for their contact details. Campaigns featuring Silktide Prospect generate significantly more click-throughs and result in more, higher value sales.

Free website report

Branded reports
for your business

Silktide Prospect’s lead generation reports can be branded to match your business – helping to position you as a trusted technical advisor. At enterprise level, the process can be completely automated, with our expert onboarding team ensuring the customer journey is seamlessly branded at every touchpoint.

Supports any user journey

For enterprise partners, our team works with you to build a bespoke journey and maximize conversion rate. Silktide Prospect supports custom CTAs and multiple ways to collect visitor data. You could even drive customers directly into an online purchase journey.

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Get notified

Instant email notifications let you know when a customer runs a report, so you can follow up. Leads collected via Silktide Prospect can also be delivered directly to your sales CRM through a number of enterprise integrations or via our comprehensive API.

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Fully internationalized

Silktide Prospect can scan any business worldwide and produce a report in one of 20 languages. In multilingual countries, shared reports will automatically display in the customer’s preferred language.

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Integrates with your existing tools

Comprehensive API
Bespoke integrations on request

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“Through our testing, we have proven conclusively that Silktide Prospect can improve our lead generation campaigns and, more importantly, improve the results of our sales teams.”

Michael Halberl

– Michael Haberl – Lead Generation

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