Customise Silktide Prospect reports

Our new content area feature allows you to customise Silktide Prospect reports

Content area feature

We regularly get requests to customise the Silktide Prospect reports with additional content. From today, you can now add your own blocks of content into our business reports.

Content blocks can be used to add any content you like, but common uses include:

  • Add CTAs to our PDF exports
  • Recommend specific products to help reps
  • Create a checkout journey with our lead generation tool
  • Link to additional materials that may be useful in a sales conversation

When setting up your content blocks, you can set rules to determine when your content shows. For example, you could show a promotion for your mobile website product only when the business does not have a mobile optimised site.
Custom content area outcomes

Content areas are also flexible and can be added in a number of locations on our business reports. You can choose from a number of locations on our overview and detail views.
Content block locations

Setting up content blocks is easy using our wizard editor. Just input your content (which can include images or HTML), choose when and where the block should appear, and save. You can create as many content blocks as you like!
Content block editor

Content blocks are available now to account administrators. If you require further assistance, contact your Silktide Prospect account manager.

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