Improved technology detection

Silktide Prospect now detects more analytics platforms, video providers and CMSes than ever.

Website technology detection is a core part of what we do at Silktide. It allows us to identify the building blocks each website is made of, and powers important tests like analytics, video and CMS.

From today we’re announcing a significant update to our detection methods, enabling us to recognise more technologies than ever, more reliably than ever.

We’re also adding two brand new sections based on our new detection engine: E-commerce and Technology profile.

Ecommerce detection test

Many of you have asked us for an e-commerce test that detects the use of common platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento. The new test section can be enabled now and recognises over 100 common platforms in this space.

Technology detection test

The technology profile test is for information only (i.e. not scored) and gives the viewer information about all the technologies in use on the website.

The updates to existing analysis sections are live now and reports generated from today will feature the enhanced detection. Our new analysis sections can be enabled today from your test configuration or by your Silktide Prospect account manager.

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