New account settings
dashboard now available

One of our most requested features, being able to customise and configure your own Silktide Prospect account, is now available.

New account settings dashboard

Our new account settings dashboard makes it easier for administrators to configure their Silktide Prospect account, something that was only available to Silktide developers internally.

Within the account settings dashboard, administrators can now configure various aspects including the look and feel; enable or disable tests as well as being able to adjust the weightings behind the overall score; add products to the proposal feature and make use of the Silktide Prospect API, integrations and webhook functionality.

Account settings dashboard overview

Some features are only available to customers on our Enterprise level package, but the new account settings dashboard gives more control to account administrators so they can make changes to their own account as and when required.

One key benefit of the account settings dashboard is the ability to enable, disable and configure the various tests carried out when Silktide Prospect analyses a website.

There are many tests available, and each test has a specific contribution to the overall score. Now, administrators can configure the weighting behind each test to better suit the services they offer.

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