New share link
feature within Silktide Prospect

This new feature allows users to share Silktide Prospect reports using a unique link, in addition to sharing via email or downloading the report.

New share link feature within Haystack

As well as sharing reports via email, or by downloading a PDF version, users can now share a Silktide Prospect report with a client via a uniquely generated link.

Found in the sharing menu, this new feature allows users to send their clients a link that can be used to view the report generated by Silktide Prospect when analyzing their website.

It is also possible to customize the link to your liking, for example¬†, where the “awesomecompany” part is customizable if this has been enabled on your account.

This means that clients can see their Silktide Prospect report by clicking on a link, and your sales users can track this activity in the report settings to see if and when their client has viewed their report.

In addition to this feature users can now add information to their profile, which can be displayed in the header of a report shared using the new link feature. This will display the user’s contact details, job title and profile picture at the top of the page and making it easier for clients to contact them to discuss their report in detail.

Our Silktide Prospect Development Team is also working to expand this feature, so that user contact details can be shared via email and in PDF reports too.

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