Revamped activity
reporting dashboard

We have recently updated the activity reporting dashboard to show more visual information at a glance.

Revamped activity reporting dashboard

We realise that extracting information from your Silktide Prospect account is a valuable feature, but understanding this information is key especially for management and reporting purposes.

Activity reporting has been a feature available to administrators and advanced users within Silktide Prospect for a while now, but we have recently redesigned the activity reporting dashboard to provide a more visual overview of the information. Not only can you see important usage information, you can also see key stats relating to the report scores within your Silktide Prospect account too.

Managers can now see which users are making the most of the advantages Silktide Prospect offers through our new star and shame board. This provides a quick overview of the most and least active users within your account:


Most active / least active users

Administrators and advanced users can access the revamped activity reporting dashboard by clicking on their profile icon and then selecting Activity reports from the drop-down menu. There are different tabs where you can see a variety of useful information, as well as being able to export information in CSV format.

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