Update your user profile
and improve the sales cycle

Silktide Prospect users can now add more detail to their profile, such as a profile picture, job description and extended contact information, which can be seen by prospective clients when viewing their Silktide Prospect report.

Add more information to your user profile

It is now possible for Silktide Prospect users to update their profile to include additional information that will be shared with a client when using the share link feature.

This means users can upload a profile picture, include their job title and a direct contact number, as well as their email address from within their profile settings.

Profile details will be displayed as a banner on any Silktide Prospect reports that are shared via the new share link feature, making it easier for prospective clients to get in contact with the sales representative who sent the report, which should hopefully improve the sales cycle as a result.

Adding new profile information is simple and is explained in more detail over at our Silktide Prospect Support Center.

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