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Website speed testing

Test how fast any website loads, with clear recommendations.

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speed matters

The loading time of a website is a huge factor in user experience. 40% of people abandon a website that 
takes more than 3 seconds to load. Since 2018, 
Google considers loading speed a key ranking factor.

Speed test

The performance benchmark

Silktide Prospect tests how fast a website loads simultaneously in desktop and mobile. To improve accuracy, we use a real web browser and simulated connection speed.

Speed gauge on mobile

Not just a website 
speed test

Silktide Prospect covers the complete range of digital 
marketing factors: SEO, local presence, social media, 
Google Ads, accessibility, video and much more

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Integrates with your existing tools

Comprehensive API
Bespoke integrations on request

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“Since using Silktide Prospect, we have seen our conversions for leads generated to closed sales increase noticeably. Not only have our sales teams been able to convert more opportunities quickly, they have been able to generate more appointments.”

Michael Herfort

– Michael Herfort, Head of New Media

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