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Give your customers the best advice with an accurate and comprehensive digital marketing audit.

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Attention grabbing insight

Silktide Prospect gives you a comprehensive digital marketing health-check for any business in seconds. Covering SEO, SEM, accessibility, social media, directory listings and more, it’s the complete picture in one customisable report. Quickly identify problem areas, engage with your prospects and provide real value, right from the first contact.

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Technical made simple

Teach your customers why their online presence matters with plain language explanations in professional reports that work to position your business as a technical authority. The snapshot reports are carefully balanced to include the necessary technical insight in a way that everyone can understand.

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Close the sale

Silktide Prospect gives your potential customers compelling reasons why they need your services. Recommendations encourage business owners to take action in areas they’re currently falling short. Side-by-side competitor reports show them how local rivals are already doing a better job with their digital presence.

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Share and export

Comprehensive share options allow you to send the report directly to your prospects. Add your logo, contact details and photo to personalize the reports that drop into your clients email inbox. You can even get a notification when the report is opened – the perfect time to follow up!

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Completely configurable

Pick from over 50 areas of analysis to build your own digital health-check that’s tailored to the specific products you sell. You can even drop in your own custom recommendations and notes for your sales team.

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Fully Configurable

Fully internationalized

Silktide Prospect can scan any business worldwide and produce a report in one of 20 languages. In multilingual countries, shared reports will automatically display in the customer’s preferred language.

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“Without doubt, this is one of the most important sales tools in our sales reps’ hands. By using Prospect, sales reps have the confidence that they can convert a business lead into a paying customer more easily”

Christian Descher

– Christian Descher – Head of Product Management

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